Effective May1, 2017 – All Tuition and Fees are quoted in US Dollars:

Premedical Science Tuition and Student Fees per semester:
Tuition: $5000 per semester
Student Fee $950 per semester

Basic Medical Science Tuition and Student Service Fees per semester:
Tuition: $4200 per semester
Student Fee $950 per semester
MD1 Lab Fee: $1650
MD3 Lab Fee: $450

Tuition and Student Service Fees are due 30-days in advance of each premedical or basic medical science semester.

Tuition: $9400
Student Fee $600
Malpractice $500

MD5 and Clinical Science Tuition as well as Student Service Fees with medical malpractice per 12-week clinical semester:
Tuition: $9400
Student Service Fee $600
Malpractice $1400 Paid in full during CS1 and again in full during CS4

Tuition and fees for each twelve-week clinical semester is due 45-days in advance of the first day of that term.

All tuition for the Premed and Basic Science Program must be paid to the Bursar’s office thirty (30) days before instruction commences. Tuition and malpractice insurance for the Clinical Science Program and the 5th semester are due forty-five (45) days before instruction begins.

Refund Policy
The amount refunded to any students who withdraws from the university in any term except clinicals is as follows. Please note that the amount withheld will always include the $1000 seat deposit.
90% refund before the first class, 50% refund before the tenth day and 0% refunded 10 days and beyond.
Deductions for previous balances will be made prior to calculations.
There are no refunds for clinical clerkships once they have been scheduled.
A request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Basic Sciences or the Dean of Clinical Sciences and submitted to the Office of the Registrar upon approval.