Pre-Medical Program for Aspiring Students

Students walking to classAre you interested in a career in the medical science field? Would you like to one day become a physician or other form of doctor? Then it is time for you to sign up for the pre-medical program from Atlantic University School of Medicine. The pre-med courses and curriculum provided by our medical university are designed to put you on the right track towards earning your doctorate.

Students wishing to enter our university’s School of Medicine out of high school must complete a minimum of 90 semester credit hours to be admitted to our medical programs. Most state licensing boards in the United States require these credits and course hours to secure a license to practice medicine. Our pre-medical program helps you achieve these requirements so that you can then apply to one of our medical courses to begin your formal medical training.

Pre-medical students

Pre-Med Requirements Include:

  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level English
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Math
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Physics with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Biology with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of General (Inorganic) Chemistry with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of Organic Chemistry with a Lab

Applying to Our Pre-Med Courses

Student coming to Atlantic University from high school are welcome to join our premedical science program.  Successful completion of the premedical science program leads to direct matriculation to the School of Medicine and entrance to candidacy to earn your MD degree.  Admission to the School of Medicine requires successful completion of 90-college level credits completing each of the following or equivalent courses.  Please contact the Office of Admissions for a complete review of your academic transcripts insuring you meet requirements for admission and future licensure to practice medicine.

Each applicant’s transcript is evaluated on a case-by-case basis when they apply to our medical university. This allows us to gain a better understanding of the individuals looking to learn from us so that we can pick students that we believe will be the best equipped to learn from our teachers and faculty. This helps us create a learning environment that benefits all of the students in the classes.

Contact us for more information about what to expect when you sign up for our pre-medical program. Our pre-med courses are open to qualified students no matter their legal residence.

The Atlantic University Pre-Medical Curriculum:

First Semester Premed:

PM 101 Medical Terminology

PM 102 General Biology 1

PM 103 General Chemistry 1 w/Lab

PM 104 English Composition 1

PM 105 College Algebra

PM 106 General Psychology

Second Semester Premed: 

PM 201 Anatomy & Physiology 1

PM 202 General Biology II

PM 203 Organic Chemistry 1

PM 204 English Composition II

PM 205 Medical Biostatistics

PM 206 Medical Sociology

PM 207 Intro to Microbiology & Immunology

Third Semester Premed:

PM 301  Physics

PM 302 Anatomy & Physiology II

PM 303 Organic Chemistry II

PM 304 Intro to Histology & Cell Biology

PM 305 Intro to Pharmacology

PM 306 Intro to Neuroscience