Four-Year M.D. Program

Four year medical program

Atlantic University School of Medicine offers an accelerated medical program that allows you to earn your medical degree in less than four calendar years. To meet the eligibility criteria to apply to our four-year medical program, an applicant must have completed a minimum of ninety semester credit hours of college-level studies to include one year of college-level English, one year of college-level mathematics, one year of biology with labs, one year of general chemistry with labs, one year of physics with labs, and one year of organic chemistry with labs.

Requirements for Our Four-Year Medical Program

Students enrolling into our medical program are required to spend four semesters at our main campus located in Saint Lucia in the West Indies. The final semester of the basic medical sciences is completed at our affiliate teaching hospital in Chicago, Illinois, followed by 72 weeks of required clinical clerkship training. All clerkships are performed within accredited teaching hospitals.

The MD5 semester is taught by medical faculty members in the United States. As part of our curriculum an eight week USMLE board review course taught by Becker Professional Education is a standard component of the semester. This course is a focused review of the concepts most commonly tested on the USMLE Step 1. Concurrently, students will be required to take Introduction to Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis courses, which emphasize patient management and the importance of doctor-patient interaction, history , physical diagnostics, as well as learning the proper skills and methods of writing SOAP notes and daily progress reports. Students are required to complete case studies and present their patient interactions on a daily basis to the clinical team during morning report.

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) will be used as an educational and evaluative tool for our students. Competency-based learning objectives will be set and students will complete the course after demonstrating that they have achieved competency in both the didactic and clinical areas required for the safe practice of medicine.

Advancing Your Education with Our Accelerated Program

Following the MD5 semester, all students are expected to have achieved the required knowledge, skill, and competence to participate in the AUSOM Clinical Semester 1 elective conducted at the same teaching hospital. The CS1 is the first of six clinical semesters required to earn the Doctor of Medicine degree. During this clinical elective, the student is guided through the development of skills related to the taking of appropriate, patient-specific, complete history and physical examinations in the core specialties of clinical medicine. These are includes:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

New Basic Science Curriculum For January 2017

The administration and faculty at Atlantic University of Medicine is pleased to announce the introduction of our newly revised M.D. program, utilizing a new integrated basic science curriculum.

The new basic science medical program we have created was approved by the curriculum committee in November 2015 amidst great support by the faculty and academic dean. The curriculum provides vertical and horizontal integration of the medical basic science disciplines, providing students and faculty with greater time and exposure to important medical-related concepts.

Additionally, the curriculum reduces the course load for each semester, thus providing for excellent student outcomes throughout the basic science program and leading into USMLE Step 1. This revision of the M.D. program furthers our university’s commitment to truly create successful careers in medicine for our students.

Students who are inactive for a period of six months or more are automatically dismissed from Atlantic University School of Medicine.

First Semester M.D.

MD 111 – Human Gross Anatomy and Developmental Anatomy with Normal Radiologic Anatomy
MD 112 – Histology and cell biology
MD 113 – Doctor-Patient Skills I
MD 114 Epidemiology/PM 

Second Semester M.D.

MD 211 – Medical Biochemistry/Genetics
MD 212 – Medical Physiology
MD 213 – Immunology
MD 214 – Doctor-Patient Skills II

Third Semester M.D.

MD 311 – Microbiology with Lab
MD 312 – Neuroscience
MD 313 – General Pathology I
MD 314 – Doctor-Patient Skills III

Fourth Semester M.D.

MD 411 – Behavioral Science and Medical Ethics
MD 412 – Pharmacology
MD 413 – Pathology II
MD 414 – Doctor-Patient Skills IV  

Fifth Semester M.D. 

MD 511 – Board Review
MD 512 – Physical Diagnosis
MD 513 – Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Students in classroom