Five-Year MD Program

Practicing student

Atlantic University School of Medicine offers academically talented students the opportunity to begin their professional studies directly after graduating from high school through our Five-Year Medical Degree program. The distinction between this program and the traditional four year program is that  it consists of three phases which include the premedical phase, basic science phase and finally the clinical phase.

Preparing for Your Medical School

The premedical program is taught over three semesters and is intended to provide students aspiring to enter medical school with a curriculum that meets licensure standards in all fifty states. Our program is designed to prepare students to enter the rigorous and challenging academic work of medical school, while providing a sound foundation in the sciences required for the study of medicine. Upon completion of the premedical phase, students would then continue directly into the medical program without any gaps in education. The entirety of their remaining studies would be the same as those in the Four-Year MD program.

The administration at our University has designed a comprehensive basic medical science and clinical medical science program for students qualified to enter this level of study. The basic medical science program covers all educational aspects of the medical sciences utilizing modern educational techniques, the most recent textbooks, audio and visual aids, and anatomical specimens for comprehension of the human body. Comprehensive theoretical  analysis of biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology and pathology are major areas of emphasis.

The fifth term of our program is completed within an ACGME affiliated teaching hospital, where students are instructed by hospital physicians and staff. Physical diagnosis is taught in real time with patients in a clinical environment. Resident physicians at the hospital provide guidance for the didactic as well as “hands on” opportunities that are afforded in this setting. The bridge between the basic sciences and clinical sciences is emphasized during this experience.

Continuing Your Medical Science Education

The Department of Clinical Medicine provides all qualified students with clinical clerkship training in the core disciplines as well as elective rotations. The majority of our students rotate through ACGME affiliates in the United States, but opportunities are available in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, as well as India. Please note that eligibility to train at certain clinical sites requires the successful completion of the USMLE Step 1.

The University takes all steps to ensure that each student experiences the proper training and reaches educational milestones in order meet the requirements for residency training, whether clerkships are completed within the United States or abroad.

Premedical Program for Aspiring Students

Students walking to classThe premedical program offered through Atlantic University School of medicine consists of a curriculum designed for direct entry into our medical school. Students wishing to enter our university’s School of Medicine out of high school must complete a minimum of 90 semester credit hours to be admitted to our medical programs. Most state licensing boards in the United States require these credits and course hours to secure a license to practice medicine. Our premedical program helps you achieve these requirements so that you can then apply to one of our medical courses to begin your formal medical training.

Pre-medical students

Premedical Requirements Include:

  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level English
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Math
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Physics with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of College-Level Biology with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of General (Inorganic) Chemistry with a Lab
  • One Year (Two Semesters) of Organic Chemistry with a Lab

Applying to Our Premedical Program

Each applicant is evaluated case-by-case and our admissions process works on a rolling-basis. Through this format we make all attempts to gain a better understanding of each and every person who applies to our University, in order to ascertain which individuals would be most successful with regard to completing the rigors of medical school.

The Atlantic University Pre-Medical Science Curriculum:

First Semester Premed:

PM 101 Medical Terminology

PM 102 General Biology 1

PM 103 General Chemistry 1 w/Lab

PM 104 English Composition 1

PM 105 College Algebra

PM 106 General Psychology

Second Semester Premed:

PM 201 Anatomy & Physiology 1

PM 202 General Biology II

PM 203 Organic Chemistry 1

PM 204 English Composition II

PM 205 Medical Biostatistics

PM 206 Medical Sociology

PM 207 Intro to Microbiology & Immunology

Third Semester Premed:

PM 301 Physics

PM 302 Anatomy & Physiology II

PM 303 Organic Chemistry II

PM 304 Intro to Histology & Cell Biology

PM 305 Intro to Pharmacology

PM 306 Intro to Neuroscience


Students who are inactive for a period of six months or more are automatically dismissed from Atlantic University School of Medicine.