Enjoy Our Beautiful Campus and Facilities

FacilitiesAtlantic University School of Medicine is located at the heart of St. Lucia, within Rodney Bay – which is known to be a quiet, safe, and affordable island nation. Sitting well outside of the hurricane belt, our medical university provides students with the resources and environment, including our ease of access to shopping locations, medical care if needed, and international travel, make our medical school campus an ideal place to study medicine.

When time allows during your busy studying schedule, St. Lucia has several of the Caribbean’s finest attractions to offer you, including many quaint villages, mountain hiking trails, and SCUBA diving locales. Additionally, you will find five-star resorts equipped with world-class restaurants located not far from our campus.

Everything You Need to Study and to Relax

Studying to become a physician is demanding and stressful on the mind and body. As such, the physical facilities and location of our campus were developed to accommodate your study needs, and the beauty of the physical location of our school affords the comforts of home. The medical school campus we have created for our students provides them with a modern, well-equipped, and spacious environment that is perfect for medical students who want to achieve their goals.

Classroom and laboratory facilities are housed within a modern, Wi-Fi-enabled facility while students are able to enjoy both the comforts of climate control and modern educational resources throughout their studies. All students are expected to bring laptop computers, tablets, or other computer study aids to complement their academic efforts.

Realizing that health and safety are paramount, the anatomical dissection laboratory is maintained within OSHA-approved and required conditions. Additionally, the library and other academic resources are available to students to use as scheduled. We invite all prospective students to come and visit our state-of-the-art campus prior to their orientation.