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Atlantic University School of Medicine distinguishes itself by having the most affordable tuition in the Caribbean while still exceeding the rigorous academic standards that make it a top choice among international medical education programs. Our medical university’s affordable tuition allows students to apply for medical school and complete their education with far less indebtedness than other Caribbean medical schools. Additionally, it assists those seeking to obtain a medical education that may have otherwise been out of their financial reach.

Students completing clinical rotations in the United Kingdom will be required to pay tuition in the form of British Pounds. Please be sure to calculate the conversion as required. All tuition must be paid to the Registrar’s office forty-five (45) days before instruction commences. Tuition for the clinical science program and the 5th semester are due sixty (60) days before instruction begins.

Any student indebted to this institution is required to settle his/her account before receiving degrees, diplomas, official transcripts, and any other official recognition of work completed at the medical college. A student is not eligible to graduate unless all financial obligations are paid in full. For billing information contact the Finance Director at

Tuition & Fee Schedule for Our Medical Programs

  • Application Fee: $90 (Non-Refundable)
  • Deposit: $1,000 (Applied Toward Tuition, Non-Refundable)
  • Graduation Fee: $1,200
  • Pre-Med Total: $17,900.00
  • 4-Year M.D. Total: $83,800.00
  • 5-Year M.D. Total: $101,700.00
  • (M.D. Totals Exclude Malpractice Insurance)

Refund Policy

The amount refunded to any students who withdraw from the basic science program is as follows: 90% refund before the first class, 50% refund before the tenth day, and 0% refunded beyond that time. This applies to the balance of the tuition. No refund is given from any clinical rotation or seat deposit. A request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Basic Sciences or the Dean of Clinical Sciences.

Request an Application

Applicants are invited to begin the application process by requesting an official application. Once the online application request has been submitted, an admissions advisor will follow up within 24-48 hours to personally send you an official application and guide you through the application process.

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