Application to both the 4-yr medical program and the pre-medical / medical program (6-yr) can be requested online here. Interested applicants should submit their application well in advance of intended start date as class size is limited.
Completed applications are reviewed and evaluated by the Admission Committee. Those with incomplete applications will be notified, as will unqualified applicants. Applicants are selected for interview on the basis of the candidate’s ability to meet the challenges of a rigorous medical school curriculum.  Factors such as motivation, perseverance, scholastic record, letters of recommendation and personal statement are important in the selection process. A telephone interview with members of the Admissions Committee will be scheduled and plays an important role in the selection of students.
All supporting documentation may be initially emailed but should be forwarded by mail to the following address:
Atlantic University Admissions
4 Waterford Rd.
Island Park, NY 11558