Academic Calendar for 2017 & 2018

Planning your academic calendar is important when it comes to ensuring you are on track at Atlantic University School of Medicine. That is why our medical university provides you with a helpful guide so you know what to expect as you work toward your medical degree.

By knowing when the new terms begin and end, you are able to better plan and prepare for the future. Take a look below to see our 2017 - 2018 academic calendar so you can achieve great things at our medical school.

May 2017

May 8th : Orientation
May 9th: First Day of Classes
August 14th to 18th: Finals/End of term

May 2018

May 7th (Monday) Orientation
May 8th (Tuesday) First day of classes
August 13th – 17th Finals/End of term

September 2017

September 4th : Orientation
September 5th: First Day of Classes
December 18th to 22nd : Finals/End of term

September 2018

September 3rd (Monday) Orientation
September 4th (Tuesday) First day of classes
December 10th – 14th Finals/End of term

January 2018

January 8th (Monday) Orientation
January 9th (Tuesday) First day of classes
April 16th – 20th Finals/End of term

January 2019

January 7th (Monday) Orientation
January 8th (Tuesday) First day of classes
April 15th – 19th Finals/End of term